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2005 JBPS Spring Fling
No Limit Texas Hold 'Em

Champion: Brian Schultz
Date: 4.9.2005

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Brian Schultz

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2nd Place - Troy Petersen

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3rd Place - Shawn Kroener

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4th Place - Jake Schwamb

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5th Place - Erin Austad

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6th Place - Kevin Gudim

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7th Place - Brad Mayer

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In an all out poker marathon, Brian Schultz was able to outlast 32 other participants and make his claim to the 2005 Spring Fling title.

After Erin Austad was eliminated in 4th place, it took another 2 hours for the final three players to determine their placement in the standings. Shawn Kroener was eliminated by Troy Petersen to take third place. Kroener's A-K looked as if it would beat Petersens K-2 suited with a King on the flop and no help on the turn, but a 2 on the river eliminated Kroener from the tournament.

The final two went back and forth for an hour exchanging chips. It was pocket 8's that ulitimately eliminated Troy Petersen who had his highest finish in a JBPS event. The win was the third for Schultz who previously won the 2004 Summer Splash and 2005 Tournament of Champions.


1Brian Schultz469.003.00799
2Troy Petersen256.006.00576
3Shawn Kroener165.005.00475
4Jake Schwamb111.005.01308
5Erin Austad (R)145.004.00435
6Kevin Gudim59.001.01254
7Brad Mayer43.000.00313
8Justin Snelson5.001.00265
9Tad Trottier0.000.01188
10Adam Ford47.504.50288
11Rich Revord17.503.51186
12Jeremiah Johnson0.000.00220
13Melissa Weigel (R)5.001.00215
14Nick Johnson0.000.01150
15Jeremy Logelin5.001.00195
16Lori Stegink10.002.00190
17Greg Heilman30.001.00200
18Gunnar Johnson10.002.01128
19Katie Mayer5.001.01116
20Ted Peterson5.001.00145
21Mike Tennison0.000.00130
22Mark Cotton0.000.0190
23Ben Mayer15.003.0194
24Arnie Drusch0.000.0175
25Jeff Austad (R)0.000.0090
26Jeremy Diebling0.000.0080
27Jeff Neau5.001.0156
28Sarah McCarty0.000.0060
29Matt Heerey0.000.0138
30Brian Peterson0.000.0130
31Chuck Hiivala (R)0.000.0123
32Steve Lehmeyer0.000.0115
33Bob Johnson0.000.018

Video of Final Hand - .AVI Format - 8MB
Video of Final Hand (Right Click and Save Target As...)

Summary of Play

03:30 Tournament started
03:47Level 1: 0/15/30Chuck Hiivala (R) eliminated by Brian Schultz
03:52Level 2: 0/20/40Brian Peterson eliminated by Lori Stegink
03:53Level 2: 0/20/40Brian Peterson purchased a rebuy.
03:58Level 2: 0/20/40Bob Johnson purchased a rebuy.
04:02Level 2: 0/20/40Chuck Hiivala (R) purchased a rebuy.
04:03Level 2: 0/20/40Rich Revord eliminated by Greg Heilman
04:03Level 2: 0/20/40Rich Revord purchased a rebuy.
04:12Level 2: 0/20/40Steve Lehmeyer eliminated by Shawn Kroener
04:12Level 2: 0/20/40Steve Lehmeyer purchased a rebuy.
04:16Level 3: 0/25/50Bob Johnson eliminated by Ben Mayer
04:19Level 3: 0/25/50Nick Johnson eliminated by Jake Schwamb
04:20Level 3: 0/25/50Nick Johnson purchased a rebuy.
04:23Level 3: 0/25/50Steve Lehmeyer eliminated by Shawn Kroener
04:45Break 1Chuck Hiivala (R) eliminated by Katie Mayer
04:59Level 4: 0/30/60Gunnar Johnson eliminated by Jeff Neau
04:59Level 4: 0/30/60Gunnar Johnson purchased a rebuy.
05:05Level 4: 0/30/60Matt Heerey eliminated by Adam Ford
05:06Level 4: 0/30/60Brian Peterson eliminated by Ben Mayer
05:13Level 4: 0/30/60Matt Heerey purchased a rebuy.
05:21Level 5: 0/40/80Matt Heerey eliminated by Erin Austad (R)
05:28Level 5: 0/40/80Jake Schwamb eliminated by Ben Mayer
05:28Level 5: 0/40/80Jake Schwamb purchased a rebuy.
05:35Level 5: 0/40/80Arnie Drusch eliminated by Rich Revord
05:37Level 5: 0/40/80Arnie Drusch purchased a rebuy.
05:46Level 6: 0/50/100Tad Trottier eliminated by Ted Peterson
05:47Level 6: 0/50/100Tad Trottier purchased a rebuy.
05:49Level 6: 0/50/100Kevin Gudim eliminated by Jeremy Logelin
05:49Level 6: 0/50/100Kevin Gudim purchased a rebuy.
05:50Level 6: 0/50/100Sarah McCarty eliminated by Troy Petersen
05:53Level 6: 0/50/100Jeff Neau eliminated by Erin Austad (R)
05:53Level 6: 0/50/100Jeff Neau purchased a rebuy.
05:56Level 6: 0/50/100Ben Mayer eliminated by Lori Stegink
05:56Level 6: 0/50/100Ben Mayer purchased a rebuy.
06:06Break 2Mark Cotton eliminated by Adam Ford
06:07Break 2Mark Cotton purchased a rebuy.
06:08Break 2Katie Mayer purchased a rebuy.
06:19Break 3Jeff Neau eliminated by Adam Ford
06:22Level 7: 0/60/120Jeremy Diebling eliminated by Gunnar Johnson
06:25Level 7: 0/60/120Jeff Austad (R) eliminated by Jake Schwamb
06:34Level 7: 0/60/120Arnie Drusch eliminated by Rich Revord
06:40Level 7: 0/60/120Ben Mayer eliminated by Justin Snelson
06:42Level 8: 0/80/160Mark Cotton eliminated by Gunnar Johnson
07:02Level 8: 0/80/160Mike Tennison eliminated by Brian Schultz
07:07Level 9: 0/100/200Ted Peterson eliminated by Shawn Kroener
07:19Level 9: 0/100/200Katie Mayer eliminated by Melissa Weigel (R)
07:33Break 3Gunnar Johnson eliminated by Erin Austad (R)
08:20Level 11: 0/150/300Greg Heilman eliminated by Adam Ford and Rich Revord
08:34Level 11: 0/150/300Lori Stegink eliminated by Rich Revord
08:47Level 12: 0/200/400Jeremy Logelin eliminated by Troy Petersen
08:53Level 12: 0/200/400Nick Johnson eliminated by Kevin Gudim
08:58Level 12: 0/200/400Melissa Weigel (R) eliminated by Troy Petersen
09:00Level 12: 0/200/400Jeremiah Johnson eliminated by Adam Ford
09:00Level 12: 0/200/400Rich Revord eliminated by Erin Austad (R)
09:39Level 13: 0/250/500Adam Ford eliminated by Jake Schwamb
10:02Level 14: 0/300/600Tad Trottier eliminated by Jake Schwamb
10:05Level 14: 0/300/600Justin Snelson eliminated by Troy Petersen
10:43Break 5Brad Mayer eliminated by Jake Schwamb
10:59Level 16: 0/500/1000Kevin Gudim eliminated by Shawn Kroener
11:15Level 16: 0/500/1000Erin Austad (R) eliminated by Troy Petersen
11:33Level 17: 0/600/1200Jake Schwamb eliminated by Shawn Kroener
12:34Level 19: 0/1000/2000Shawn Kroener eliminated by Troy Petersen
01:26Level 21: 0/1500/3000Troy Petersen eliminated by Brian Schultz
01:26Level 21: 0/1500/3000Brian Schultz won the tournament.

Full Blind Schedule

LevelDurationBlindsAnteLimit TypeNotes
100:25:0015 / 300No LimitRebuy Avail.
200:25:0020 / 400No LimitRebuy Avail.
300:25:0025 / 500No LimitRebuy Avail.
Break 100:10:00   Rebuy Avail.
400:25:0030 / 600No LimitRebuy Avail.
500:25:0040 / 800No LimitRebuy Avail.
600:25:0050 / 1000No LimitRebuy Avail.
Break 200:10:00   Rebuy Avail.
700:25:0060 / 1200No Limit 
800:25:0080 / 1600No Limit 
900:25:00100 / 2000No Limit 
Break 300:10:00    
1000:25:00120 / 2400No Limit 
1100:25:00150 / 3000No Limit 
1200:25:00200 / 4000No Limit 
Break 400:15:00    
1300:25:00250 / 5000No Limit 
1400:25:00300 / 6000No Limit 
1500:25:00400 / 8000No Limit 
Break 500:10:00    
1600:25:00500 / 10000No Limit 
1700:25:00600 / 12000No Limit 
1800:25:00800 / 16000No Limit 
Break 600:15:00    
1900:25:001000 / 20000No Limit 
2000:25:001200 / 24000No Limit 
2100:25:001500 / 30000No Limit 
Break 700:10:00    
2200:25:002000 / 40000No Limit 
2300:25:002500 / 50000No Limit 
2400:25:003000 / 60000No Limit 



Tournament of Champions III
No Limit Texas Hold 'em

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