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2005 JBPS River City Roundup
No Limit Omaha

Champion: Katie Mayer
Date: 5.14.2005

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Katie Mayer

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Runner Up - Pete Stewart

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3rd Place - Jim Breeggemann

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4th Place - Tad Trottier

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5th Place - Melissa Weigel

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Consolation Table Champion
Jeff Larson
100 Bonus Points

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Ladies Night In Omaha

A couple firsts in the JBPS River City Round-Up. The first Omaha tournament in JBPS history and the first-ever female champion in the JBPS.

In an event dominated by the ladies, several JBPS top guns were eliminated early including 2004-2005 Player of the Year, Matt Heerey, who was eliminated first from the tournament. Past champions Nick Johnson and Rich Revord were also eliminated early.

At a final table that included three female players, a patient Katie Mayer picked her spots and defeated all who remained. Pete Stewart maintained the chip lead through the majority of the tournament but was unable to maintain his focus as Mayer pulled away all of his chips in the heads-up match.

The River City Roundup also included the first ever consolation table. The winner-take-all single table tournament was a success with rookie Jeff Larson capturing the consolation title and an additional 100 Player of the Year bonus points.


1Katie Mayer318.005.00548
2Pete Stewart216.009.00436
3Jim Breeggemann96.001.00306
4Tad Trottier66.000.00266
5Melissa Weigel57.001.00247
6Gunnar Johnson10.002.00190
7Arnie Drusch0.000.00170
8Sarah McCarty10.002.00170
9Troy Petersen5.001.01116
10Chad Reichwald5.001.00145
11Brian Schultz5.001.00135
12Shawn Kroener10.002.00130
13Adam Ford5.001.00115
14Jeff Austad0.000.00100
15Scott Borman5.001.0171
16Rich Revord0.000.0160
17Jeff Larson0.000.01153
18Nick Johnson0.000.0145
19Erin Austad0.000.0050
20Jeremiah Johnson0.000.0130
21Vic Fink0.000.0030
22Paul Gergen5.001.0025
23Matt Heerey0.000.0010

Summary of Play

06:08Level 2: 0/20/40Matt Heerey eliminated by Paul Gergen
06:10Level 2: 0/20/40Rich Revord eliminated by Adam Ford
06:16Level 2: 0/20/40Paul Gergen eliminated by Gunnar Johnson
06:16Level 2: 0/20/40Jeff Larson eliminated by Scott Borman
06:16Level 2: 0/20/40Jeff Larson purchased a rebuy)
06:18Level 2: 0/20/40Vic Fink eliminated by Shawn Kroener
06:27Break 1Jeremiah Johnson eliminated by Pete Stewart
06:27Break 1Jeremiah Johnson purchased a rebuy)
06:43Level 3: 0/25/50Jeremiah Johnson eliminated by Shawn Kroener
06:44Level 3: 0/25/50Nick Johnson eliminated by Sarah McCarty
06:44Level 3: 0/25/50Nick Johnson purchased a rebuy
06:48Level 3: 0/25/50Erin Austad eliminated by Melissa Weigel
06:51Level 3: 0/25/50Troy Petersen eliminated by Brian Schultz
06:51Level 3: 0/25/50Troy Petersen purchased a rebuy
06:54Level 3: 0/25/50Nick Johnson eliminated by Chad Reichwald
06:56Level 3: 0/25/50Scott Borman eliminated by Pete Stewart
06:56Level 3: 0/25/50Scott Borman purchased a rebuy
07:15Level 4: 0/30/60Jeff Larson eliminated by Troy Petersen
07:47Level 5: 0/40/80Rich Revord purchased a rebuy
08:04Level 5: 0/40/80Rich Revord eliminated by Pete Stewart
08:05Level 5: 0/40/80Scott Borman eliminated by Pete Stewart
08:24Level 6: 0/50/100Jeff Austad eliminated by Sarah McCarty
08:30Level 6: 0/50/100Adam Ford eliminated by Katie Mayer
08:49Break 2Shawn Kroener eliminated by Katie Mayer
09:03Level 7: 0/60/120Brian Schultz eliminated by Pete Stewart
09:47Level 8: 0/80/160Chad Reichwald eliminated by Gunnar Johnson
09:48Level 8: 0/80/160Troy Petersen eliminated by Katie Mayer
11:14Level 11: 0/150/300Sarah McCarty eliminated by Jim Breeggemann
11:41Level 12: 0/200/400Arnie Drusch eliminated by Pete Stewart
11:55Level 12: 0/200/400Gunnar Johnson eliminated by Pete Stewart
12:29Level 13: 0/250/500Melissa Weigel eliminated by Pete Stewart
12:34Level 13: 0/250/500Tad Trottier eliminated by Katie Mayer
12:43Level 14: 0/300/600Jim Breeggemann eliminated by Pete Stewart
01:11Level 15: 0/400/800Pete Stewart eliminated by Katie Mayer
01:12Level 15: 0/400/800Katie Mayer won the tournament.

Full Blind Schedule

LevelDurationBlindsAnteLimit TypeNotes
100:30:0015 / 300No LimitRebuys
200:30:0020 / 400No LimitRebuys
300:30:0025 / 500No LimitRebuys
Break 100:10:00   Rebuys
400:30:0030 / 600No LimitRebuys
500:30:0040 / 800No LimitRebuys
600:30:0050 / 1000No LimitRebuys
Break 200:10:00   Rebuys
700:30:0060 / 1200No Limit 
800:30:0080 / 1600No Limit 
900:30:00100 / 2000No Limit 
Break 300:10:00    
1000:30:00120 / 2400No Limit 
1100:30:00150 / 3000No Limit 
1200:30:00200 / 4000No Limit 
Break 400:10:00    
1300:30:00250 / 5000No Limit 
1400:30:00300 / 6000No Limit 
1500:30:00400 / 8000No Limit 
Break 500:10:00    
1600:30:00500 / 10000No Limit 
1700:30:00600 / 12000No Limit 
1800:30:00800 / 16000No Limit 
Break 600:10:00    
1900:30:001000 / 20000No Limit 
2000:30:001200 / 24000No Limit 
2100:30:001500 / 30000No Limit 
Break 700:10:00    
2200:30:002000 / 40000No Limit 
2300:30:002500 / 50000No Limit 
2400:30:003000 / 60000No Limit 
Break 800:10:00    
2500:30:004000 / 80000No Limit 
2600:30:005000 / 100000No Limit 
2700:30:006000 / 120000No Limit 
Break 900:10:00    
2800:30:008000 / 160000No Limit 
2900:30:0010000 / 200000No Limit 
3000:30:0012000 / 240000No Limit 
Break 1000:10:00    
3100:30:0015000 / 300000No Limit 
3200:30:0020000 / 400000No Limit 
3300:30:0025000 / 500000No Limit 
Break 1100:10:00    
3400:30:0030000 / 600000No Limit 
3500:30:0040000 / 800000No Limit 
3600:30:0050000 / 1000000No Limit 
Break 1200:10:00    
3700:30:0060000 / 1200000No Limit 
3800:30:0080000 / 1600000No Limit 
3900:30:00100000 / 2000000No Limit 
Break 1300:10:00    
4000:30:00120000 / 2400000No Limit 
4100:30:00150000 / 3000000No Limit 
4200:30:00200000 / 4000000No Limit 



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No Limit Texas Hold 'em

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