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2005 JBPS Fall Classic
No Limit Texas Hold 'Em

Champion: Jennifer Jones
Date: 11.19.2005

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Jennifer Jones

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2nd Place - Nate Lichtsinn

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3rd Place - Tad Trottier

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4th Place - Shawn Kroener

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5th Place - Adam Ford

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6th Place - Jesse Benson

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7th Place - Steve Lehmeyer

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8th Place - Brandon Tietz

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Heads-Up Matchup

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Patience proved to be the deciding factor in the 2005 Fall Classic. Rookie participant Jennifer Jones sat quietly and watched while the other final table qualifiers attempted to push each other around and ultimately eliminated each other. Before she knew what happened she was in a heads-up battle against rookie Nate Lichtsinn. The two newbies battled each other for about a half hour in which Jones widdled down Lichtsinn's 8 to 1 chip lead to ultimately became the chip leader. All-in with a Q-5 solidified the win for Jones who also earns an automatic seat at the Tournament of Champions in February.

The race for remaining spots in the Tournament of Champions is heating up. If the season ended today, Adam Ford, Gunnar Johnson, Brian Schultz, Rich Revord, Katie Mayer, and Jennifer Jones would earn automatic bids as winners of 2005 tournaments. 2 automatic qualification seats will be awarded to the winners of the upcoming Holiday Classic and JBPS Championship. 2 additional at-large bids would become available as Brian Schultz won 2 events, and Adam Ford would be crowned as Player of the Year. The 3 at-large bids would be awarded to Shawn Kroener (3rd in POY Points), Arnie Drusch (7th in POY Points), and Tad Trottier (8th in POY Points). Nick Johnson (9th in POY Points) would be left out on the bubble, finishing 62 points behind Trottier and 64 points behind Drusch.


1JENNIFER JONES (R)$611.254.01773
2NATE LICHTSINN (R)$343.006.01565
3TAD TROTTIER$183.000.01437
4SHAWN KROENER$142.002.00532
5ADAM FORD$114.002.02371
6JESSE BENSON (R)$118.006.00488
7STEVE LEHMEYER$92.003.01339
8BRANDON TIETZ$85.003.00435
9JEFF AUSTAD$71.001.00411
10JUSTIN SNELSON$20.004.01263
11RICH REVORD$20.004.01255
12LORI STEGINK$5.001.01236
13ERIK TIETZ$20.004.01240
14JAKE SCHWAMB$5.001.00295
15NICK JOHNSON$0.000.01210
16CHAD JONES (R)$0.000.01203
17JEREMIAH JOHNSON$5.001.00265
18KATIE MAYER$0.000.01188
19ARNIE DRUSCH$5.001.01184
20DAN MCCRILLIS (R)$5.000.01176
21JIM BREEGGEMANN$0.000.00220
22DAN FINK (R)$0.000.01158
23DAN TIETZ$0.000.01150
24JOE MALECHA (R)$5.001.00195
26JEFF COLONNA (R)$0.000.01128
27CHAD REICHWALD$5.001.00165
28CHUCK HIIVALA$0.000.01113
29ROB WALTERS (R)$0.000.00140
30JEFF LARSON$0.000.0198
31TOMMY WHITNEY (R)$5.001.00125
32JEREMY LOGELIN$0.000.00110
33BRIAN SCHULTZ$0.000.0175
34KEVIN GUDIM$0.000.0168
35GUNNAR JOHNSON$5.001.0085
36RYAN NORD (R)$0.000.0153
37ERIN AUSTAD$0.000.0060
38BOB BRANDT (R)$0.000.0050
38SARAH MCCARTY$0.000.0050
38BOB JOHNSON$0.000.0138
38MELISSA WEIGEL$0.000.0138
42DANIEL CAULEY (R)$10.002.0115

25% rebuy penalty may apply
DANIEL CAULEY (R) did not report upon elimination.
4 players listed tied for 38th as it was unable to be detemined who finished where when the software crashed.



Tournament of Champions III
No Limit Texas Hold 'em

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